Reading fluency is the ability to read with speed, accuracy, and good expression.  We want to be able to read at a good pace, with the correct words, and with feeling so that our listeners know what the story is about!

Read with Me! - Books read by Adults

I'm Reading (audio/print books)
Storyline Online (books read aloud by actors)
Children's Storybooks Online

Tongue Twisters - Warm up your mouth for reading!

Starfall Tongue Twisters

Poetry (Audio)

Starfall Poetry
Favorite Poem Project (poems read aloud)
Poetry Out Loud (poems read aloud)
PodOmatic - Classic Poetry (classic poems read aloud)

Practice Your Reading Fluency!

Below are some reading passages that you can practice at home.  Grab a partner and read with feeling!
Read a Clifford Story
Read a Short Passage (lots to choose from!)
More Short Passages by Grade Level
FunBrain Books Online

Try Some Reader's Theater! - Act it out with FEELING!

Reading A-Z Reader's Theater Scripts
Dr. Chase Young - Reader's Theater Scripts
TeachingHeart's Reader's Theater Scripts

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